Fire Kyle

Fire Kyle – Born in Trinidad & Tobago, lived in New York, Miami, and Houston, Fire Kyle has covered a lot of ground and has truly mastered his craft as an MC in his 11 years of experience. From the college arena, to the club scene, to the radio studios, and even to festivals, he has earned the respect and love of many people with his fast and smooth way with words, the way he keeps everyone involved and his ability to bring forth and maintain the vibe of a party. HE IS THE LIFE OF THE PARTY!

Currently residing in Houston he has hosted parties, festivals and other events in New York, Philadelphia, Orlando, New Jersey, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Miami, Trinidad, Toronto, Killeen, Dallas and of course Houston. Not only is he well know by Caribbean people but he is also very well known in the Houston African community as he is booked consistently at most of the top African parties.

He is now the newest addition to the dynamic Supremacy Sounds crew and is definitely willing to work with the team as we go to the NEXT LEVEL!!

Twitter and Instagram –  @mcfirekyle
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