DJ Academy

The Academy is a“flagship”program and has nurtured many celebrated dj’s of all times. Students come out with the ability to maintain artistic way of executing clean mixes and developing unique sound textures.

A clear indication of the structure in the academy, designed to accommodate all skill levels from beginners to advanced. The certificate, is a “hybrid” combination of developing a keen sense of rhythm and timing.

Its emphasis is to equip you with the requisite mixing skills to either set up or professionally run sounds related businesses and/or media shows with an entrepreneurial flavor.

Preparing the future DJ’s and MC’S in the entertainment industry.

dj academy

All courses can be booked by calling: +254722876342 or sending an email to:

Dj courses are carried out at Jiwabhai Vekaria House ,opp Sandton Hotel – 2nd floor , room No.4 , Taveta Road – Nairobi Kenya.