Supremacy sounds press statement

Supremacy sounds press statement

5 years ago, Supremacy Sounds began delivering live shows to its international fan base. Today, we have delivered shows in at least 9 countries, and 76 cities spread across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. These shows have recorded over 2,000,000 in show attendance. As we continue to pursue our mission of delivering music in a unique style showcasing our roots – we are growing.
The decision to take on the international market required that the C.E.O, Simple Simon, move to the U.S.A. This move also prompted  establishment of Supremacy Sounds U.S.A which is capable of delivering shows in the North American market with relative quickness.
Supremacy Sounds U.A.E is also another area of growth in our international market focus that has proven to be very strong and very influential.
Part of our mission is to develop talent. By providing an opportunity for the youth to learn this art, we are investing in the future generation. Our DJ Academy, in Nairobi Kenya, continues to be a key indicator of our commitment to encouraging young talent to pursue an art as a career. Providing youth with a way to avoid radicalization, and a possible way to earn a living is fundamental to improving quality of life. We believe our efforts are already paying off.
In the next 5 years, we will be focusing on further growth into the international events category. At the same time, we seek to excel in DJ Education as part of our continued comittment to the local community. With these 2 short term objectives in mind, the Supremacy Sounds brand remains very strong. In summary, our youth development initiative in East Africa, remains as our flagship product.
Next, our fans in East Africa will also continue to experience our internationally packaged events.
To all our fans, we will see you in a city near you very soon.

VP Operations.


April 25th, 2016

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